How to sign up for online learning

Last updated: November 23, 2021

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Flexible options for students

Take some or all of your courses online and connect with your teacher from anywhere using the internet. You can:

  • Combine online learning with in-person classes
  • Take a program or course online, web conferencing, teleconferencing, correspondence, etc.

Homeschoolers that are registered with a public or independent school can also access online learning programs.

Learning from home

Online learning makes it possible to learn from home. Some online learning schools also offer in-person learning opportunities and support. 

Online learning is different than homeschooling because it meets provincial education standards:

Kindergarten to Grade 7 students can:

Sign up for a full program at one online learning school.

Grade 8 to 12 students can:

  • Sign up for an entire program at one school


  • Take separate courses at different schools or districts

Adult learners can:

Sign up for online learning programs or courses with a school or post-secondary institution. Find information for adult learners.

Contact a school or district to sign up

Contact a school or district that offers online learning to enrol in a program or course. They can tell you how to sign up and provide information about specific course or program requirements.

What to expect during the 2021/22 school year

As improvements to K to 12 online learning are being made, students can continue to enrol in online learning programs for the 2021/22 school year just like they normally would.

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Think about other ways to get graduation credits

Check out other flexible learning options to earn credit towards graduation, for example:

  • Enrol in a recognized external program in music, sports or other skill area
  • Take college and university courses while still in high school
  • Complete trades and apprenticeship training while attending school

If you're a high school student enrolled in courses at more than one school, talk to your school counsellor to make sure your grades are being recorded on your transcript.