International Education Information for Administrators

International Education in British Columbia (B.C.) supports diversity and inclusion, and enables the development of intercultural competencies for B.C. students, teachers and communities. The expansion of international education helps to create new relationships between British Columbia and other regions and cultures around the world. It is also an important economic driver as the third largest export sector for the province, according to one prominent economist.

The Ministry supports the international education sector through policy development, promotion, scholarship programs and Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs).


International Education in British Columbia


B.C. Offshore School Program

The Ministry administers the B.C. Offshore School Program, which enables schools outside Canada to offer the B.C. education program. The program benefits B.C. students, teachers, schools and communities by creating opportunities for global learning and teaching experiences, encouraging the development of international relationships, and increasing the number of international students choosing to study and eventually live and work in B.C.

Related Policies

Find policies and guidelines associated with international education in B.C.

International Education Scholarships and Awards

The Ministry provides scholarships and awards promoting exchange, mobility and intercultural learning for both international and resident students.

K-12 Pathways to Post-Secondary Education

Learn more about the different post-secondary study options available to you in B.C.

Building Student Success: B.C.’s New Curriculum

British Columbia’s curriculum is being modernized to respond to the demanding and rapidly changing world our students are entering.

In addition to English and French, updated curriculum resources are available in the following languages:


توفر المصادر التالية معلومات إضافية عن المنهاج المعاد تصميمه:


فيديو عن نموذج المنهاج ومحتوياته





Bausteine für den Erfolg unserer Schüler:  British Columbias neues Curriculum

In den folgenden Veröffentlichungen erfahren Sie Näheres über die Neugestaltung des Curriculums:


Video über das Curriculum-Modell und dessen Komponenten

児童生徒の将来に向けて - BC新カリキュラムの導入・実施




성공의 기반 구축: BC 주 새 교과 과정

다음은 교과 과정 개편에 관하여 더 자세한 정보를 수록하고 있는 자료들입니다.


교과 과정 모델과 구성 요소 소개 비디오

Construindo o sucesso do aluno: O novo currículo de BC

Os seguintes recursos proporcionam mais informações sobre a reformulação do currículo:


Vídeo sobre o modelo do currículo e seus componentes

Para Forjar el Éxito del Estudiante: El Nuevo Plan de Estudios de BC

Los siguientes recursos ofrecen más información acerca del plan de estudios rediseñado:


Video sobre el Modelo del Plan de Estudios y sus Componentes


K-12 International Homestay Guidelines

Homestay plays a pivotal role in an international student’s experience. B.C. is committed to high-quality homestay experiences for all international students.

The Guidelines communicate the Ministry’s expectations regarding the placement of minor international students with homestay families.

The Guidelines are currently available in eleven languages: