Indigenous Applicant Advisory Service testimonials

Last updated: February 16, 2022

'My experience with the Indigenous Applicant Advisory Service was extraordinarily helpful when applying for positions within the BC Public Service. I have had difficulties organizing my responses to interview questions in the past and found the feedback I was getting from interviewers, while helpful, was not always presented in a cohesive way.

Amanda and her team at the Advisory Service helped me work my way through relevant information on competencies, ran me through some practice interview questions, and provided me with guidance in a very friendly, professional manner. Using those strategies gave me a new level of confidence and I feel far more prepared as I continue my way through the job searching and application process.

I recommend using their services wholeheartedly, and I am very thankful for their work.'

- Jake

'The Indigenous Applicant Advisory Service is a one-stop-shop that provided me with the expert advice I needed. As a B.C. First Nations woman working in the BC Public Service for the last 16 years, I can’t express enough how invaluable their advice and support has been to me.

In my recent Band 4 application, I was shortlisted from a huge group of applicants all the way to the interview stage, most certainly due to the support in résumé preparation, navigating competency and interview guides, understanding the STAR interview technique, as well as mock interview preparation and the many resources I received from Amanda.

Thank you to their Indigenous team of experienced hiring professionals! Please take full advantage of this service. It’s a must for all Indigenous applicants.'

- Jackie

'Amanda was vital in my interview preparation for the role of Information Systems Analyst. She helped me identify job opportunities that align with my skills and experience. I originally went through the job board and identified many potential job descriptions. With Amanda’s help, we consolidated my choices to the job descriptions most suitable for me, instead of me wasting valuable time applying for jobs that I wouldn’t be considered for. It’s difficult to navigate the public service job boards.

I found Amanda to be very knowledgeable! She helped me by asking questions and exploring my experience. Through these exercises, we would respond to questions on the application and come up with the strongest mix of experience that would highlight my skills. These exercises developed my ideas and gave me a solid baseline for answering interview questions by teaching me to tell a story from start to finish. This helps the hiring panel see your workflow and process! 

I’m thankful for this service because it prepared me for the interview process and gave me confidence in my skills and experience. This service is very important for Indigenous representation within the BC Public Service and the provincial government. Gilakasla, Amanda, for your help.'

- Sasha