Standby pay

BCGEU, and regular, part-time and auxiliary PEA employees who—in addition to their regular work schedule—are required to be on standby for a possible call-in to work will receive standby pay.

Employees without a regular work schedule are expected to work whenever called in and do not receive standby pay. 

Calculating standby pay

One hour is paid for every three hours an employee is on standby. In a relief operation, such as a staffing pool, regular employees are paid for one full day (7 hours) at their basic rate for every 12 hours of standby. If a standby period is followed by a full shift being worked, the employee will be paid one hour for every 4 hours on standby (minimum one-hour payment) in addition to their normal pay for working the shift.

Once you are called out to work, you are paid at overtime rates.

Recording standby time

For instructions on recording standby time, go to Time and Leave Support (IDIR Restricted).