Shift Premiums

Hourly premiums are paid on shifts that extend beyond normal daytime working hours.

Employees Shift Start Time Shift Premium
Day shift 4:30 am to 1:59 pm None
Afternoon shift 2 pm* to 8:59 pm $1.40/hour
Evening shift 9 pm to 4:29 am $1.50/hour
Day shift First shift of the calendar day None
Afternoon shift Second shift of the calendar day $1.40/hour
Night shift Third shift of the calendar day $1.50/hour

* If shift begins between 11 am and 1:59 pm, shift premium is payable on all hours worked after 2 pm.

Modified Schedules

Shift premiums are not paid for flexible or modified working schedules where the employee has elected to change their working hours so that the start of their shift now falls in an afternoon or evening shift.

Overtime & Short Changeover

Where a shift qualifies for a premium, the same premium will apply to all overtime hours worked adjoining that shift.

In some circumstances, BCGEU employees (PDF, 3.7MB) and nurses (PDF, 2.7MB) are paid a premium when their shift is changed without 48 hours notice.

How to Record in Time & Leave

Shift premiums are added to your pay automatically based on your schedule recorded in Time and Leave. Use these guides (IDIR-restricted) to make sure shifts are entered correctly: