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Service to a board is a great way to contribute to the province. Board members help to ensure public sector organizations are appropriately governed and fulfill their mandate to British Columbians. Working on a board can be personally rewarding through the development of new skills, networks and a deeper understanding of community needs and concerns.

The role of a public sector organization (PSO) board member is to:

  • Provide strategic direction and leadership to a provincial agency, board or commission
  • Develop and approve the strategies, policies and plans necessary to fulfill the organization’s mandate
  • Ensure an agency, board or commission aligns with government’s strategic direction, legislation and policies
  • Evaluate, hire or terminate the CEO (where applicable), review CEO performance, and build a common understanding of the organization’s culture and succession planning 

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Learn more about what is required to serve on a public sector organization (PSO).Click to learn more about what is required to serve on a Public Sector Organization (PSO)


How to apply

Instructions for setting up a profile to apply for a PSO board position.Click for instructions for setting up a profile to apply for a PSO


Board member information

Find public appointee information about principles, guidelines, forms and instructions.click to find information for board chairs; forms, instructions, and general conduct principles for public appointees