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Ministries purchasing goods valued at over $10,000 or services valued at over $250,000 or for procurements that meet certain other conditions are required to engage the Ministry of Citizens’ Services Procurement and Supply Division.

Application Support 

BC Bid Ministry Trainers/Coaches 

  • Each ministry has subject matter experts on the new BC Bid called Super Trainers, Ministry Trainers, or Coaches. Please reach out to a trainer/coach if you have any questions about the application that are not answered in the BC guides and processes. 

Procurement and Supply Division, Ministry of Citizens' Services

Procurement Services Branch

  • Corporate procurement support for ministry and broader public sector clients. Services include consulting, IM/IT planning, and managing corporate supply arrangements. Procurement Services Branch is responsible for BC Bid (the Province’s electronic tendering portal) 

Strategic Partnerships Office

  • The Strategic Partnerships Office delivers leadership in managing the Province’s multi-billion-dollar portfolio of strategic supplier contracts

Procurement Community of Practice

  • The Procurement Community of Practice is a forum for government and public sector staff engaged in procurement and/or contract management to openly and respectfully share and exchange information, knowledge, expertise, advice and ideas relating to procurement and contracting

Contact the Procurement Community of Practice at with any questions or requests to become a member. Membership is no cost and includes:

  • Webinars on pertinent topics throughout the year
  • A subscription to the quarterly "Buyer Flyer" newsletter
  • Notification of training opportunities

Ministry of Finance

Office of the Comptroller General

  • The Office of the Comptroller General develops, maintains, and interprets government's corporate procurement policy and procedures and is responsible for the Procurement Governance Office. Ministries may engage the Procurement Governance Office at the Office of the Comptroller General when developing customized, ministry-specific procurement policies and procedures to ensure alignment with corporate policy direction

Risk Management Branch and Government Security Office

  • The Risk Management Branch and Government Security Office (RMB) is the chief risk office for government and has the statutory authority, under the Financial Administration Act, to review and approve all indemnities and guarantees given by the Province. As the central risk agency for government, RMB provides risk management advice and aids in the identification of project, procurement, and service delivery risks. It provides advice on risk allocation terms, including indemnity, limitations of liability, and insurance. Ministries are urged to engage with RMB consultants early in the procurement process to ensure compliance and to identify uncertainties throughout the process. 

Legal Services Branch, Ministry of Attorney General:

  • Ensures that the administration of of public affairs is carried out in accordance with the law
  • Advises government ministries on lawful operations, risk reduction, interpretation of legislation and treaties, and with drafting, negotiating, interpreting and enforcing contracts, including early termination and dispute resolution
  • Assists in procurement with:
    • ​Development or modification of solicitation and contract templates
    • Development or configuration of alternative solicitation documents or processes (including software applications)
    • Modification of contracts with instruments other than the modification agreement template
  • Legal Services Branch maintains a list of Client Service Coordinators for ministries