Procurement services

As of April 3, 2023, vaccination requirements have been updated for contractor and subcontractor personnel of the BC Provincial Government. For more information please refer to the vaccine requirements in the BC Public Service.

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Procurement Services Branch (PSB) is the area of the Procurement and Supply Division (PSD) responsible for providing operational advice on selecting and managing procurement frameworks and processes, including how to navigate policy and trade agreements.

PSB’s services include:

  • Procurement forecasting, planning and facilitation with ministries and broader public sector clients
  • Procurement advice and consultation to ministries on the procurement phases and IMIT risks
  • Managing the acquisition of goods, services or construction, including intake, solicitation posting, management, closing and debriefing, when required by policy or when engaged by a ministry or broader public sector client for that purpose
  • Procurement education and best practice to ministry and broader public sector clients
  • Establishing and managing the Corporate Supply Arrangements
  • Managing the Goods and Services Catalogue
  • Managing the Province’s Solicitation Templates
  • Facilitating the Procurement Community of Practice
  • Managing the BC Bid application (the Province’s electronic tendering portal) and the BC Bid Help Desk
  • Facilitating the Procurement Concierge Program, established to help connect public sector buyers and suppliers by facilitating market sounding to assist in the procurement planning process

PSB operates under a cost recovery model according to this fee structure.

Ministries are to engage PSB where:

  • Circumstances identified in Procurement Policy 9 apply
  • The ministry may lack procurement expertise or have limited capacity
  • There is uncertainty regarding the appropriate procurement methodology
  • The value of the procurement is above specified thresholds
  • The ministry is interested in utilizing any of the services listed in the section above