Highway 16 Transportation Action Plan Community Consultation

5 Point Transportation Action Plan for Highway 16

Community Engagement

Advisory Group

The ministry will continue engaging with First Nations Chiefs and Councils, Mayors and Councillors, First Nations organizations, and community groups, to ensure that they have the information they need to apply for community grant funding, and are linked into the transit option, as well as the First Nations driver education program.

A 12-person Advisory Group – made up of First Nations, municipality and ministry representatives – has met regularly to fine tune details and implementation plans for the Highway 16 Transportation Action Plan. The group has worked together to map out timelines and target dates for these new and expanded services, and outlined the application process for the community transportation grant program.

Advisory Group Minutes

BC Transit Public Consultation

BC Transit held a public consultation for the introduction of transit services along the Highway 16 corridor. Between August 17 and  September 16 there were 20 community engagement events attended by over 700 people. There were also over 1,000 online and paper surveys completed. The public engagement results are now available.

Northern Transportation Symposium

On November 24, 2015, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and the First Nations Health Authority co-hosted a transportation symposium in Smithers to engage with First Nations leadership, community members and local government representatives to help identify safe, practical and sustainable transportation options for communities along the Highway 16 corridor.

Over 90 participants attended the forum. The ideas, recommendations and feedback  from the transportation symposium were used to develop the foundation of the action plan for the Highway 16 corridor.