Highway 16 Transportation Action Plan

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has committed $7.3-million in provincial and federal funding for the Highway 16 Transportation Action Plan.

Map of the Highway 16 Corridor from Prince Rupert to Prince George

The five point action plan will improve access to transportation services along the Highway 16 corridor and enable residents of First Nations communities and municipalities to travel safely to and from rural towns and villages along the corridor through:

  1. Transit expansion
    Funding on a cost-shared basis with local communities to extend or enhance BC Transit services to better connect communities.
  2. Community transportation grant program to purchase and operate vehicles
    Funding through the Highway 16 Community Transportation Funding on a cost-shared basis with local communities to support community-based transportation programs operated by First Nations, local governments or non-profit organizations.
  3. First Nations driver education program
    A First Nations driver education program, funded by the provincial and federal governments, will build upon the current driver training/education program to increase the number of Class 4 and Class 5 drivers in First Nations communities along the Highway 16 corridor.
  4. Highway infrastructure safety improvements including webcams and transit shelters
    Funding to enable the ministry to increase the number of webcams on the highway and the frequency of photographs taken at these spots. New transit shelters will be built in communities that will be receiving new or expanded transit service.
  5. Collaboration to increase interconnectivity of services
    Increased coordination of existing transportation services through BC Transit, Northern Health, not for profit organizations and private service providers including efforts to better synchronize schedules and expand user eligibility criteria.