Quesnel Transportation Study

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure committed $300,000 over two years for a Highway 97 corridor analysis to determine the traffic patterns and long-term transportation needs of Quesnel.  

Evaluation of the Highway 97 Corridor

The study examined the corridor from the Highway 97/Barkerville Highway Junction to Basalt Road in the Quesnel area. Within 14 kilometres, conditions along Highway 97 change significantly as a result of the challenging geography.

Open House Materials

The ministry held open houses for the Quesnel Transportation Plan on February 7 and 19, 2018 and also collected feedback online.  A summary of the community engagement and the display boards from the open houses are linked below.


In April 2017, an open house was held to provide results from Phase 1 of the study and the public was invited to provide input for exploring options in Phase 2. A summary report of this community engagement is linked here.

Phase 1 - Existing Conditions (2015/16)

Status: Study completed and results presented to the Regional District, City Council, and Cariboo North MLA on April 20, 2016.

This phase includes data collection, needs assessment and problem definition. Data was collected on traffic volumes, traffic patterns and the performance of the existing infrastructure and intersections from a safety, reliability and mobility perspective.

Phase 2 - Future Conditions (2016/17)

Status: Study completed and results presented to the Regional District, City Council, and Cariboo North MLA.

This phase generated and assessed short- medium- and long-term improvement concepts.


Highway 97/Front Street safety improvements

As part of the short-term transportation needs identified in the study, the ministry completed a new laning configuration in October 2018.  The new laning provides one lane northbound, one lane southbound and a centre left-turn lane at controlled intersections between the Moffat Bridge and River Park Road.

North-South Interconnector

The Quesnel Transportation Study looked at various bypass and interconnector improvement options for the area.  After public engagement, which included three open houses, the North-South Interconnector was the preferred option with more than 80 per cent support.

The ministry is moving forward with preliminary design of the proposed North-South Interconnector route.  Engineering work for the interconnector is underway with preliminary design to be completed in late 2019.

For more information about the proposed North-South Interconnector, please click here.