B.C. Transportation Finance Authority (BCTFA)

Organizational Overview

The BC Transportation Financing Authority (BCTFA) was established in 1993 as a Crown corporation operating under the Transportation Act with a mandate to plan, acquire, construct, hold, improve or operate transportation infrastructure throughout B.C. The BCTFA owns all provincial highways and land held for construction of future transportation infrastructure. However, administration, regulatory responsibility and operational authority for management of highways, as set out in the Transportation Act, are the responsibility of the Minister and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. The BCTFA has no dedicated staff. Management is provided by staff at the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Corporate Governance

The Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure is the Minister responsible for the BCTFA and the sole member and Chair of the Board of Directors. The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is appointed as the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for the business and operations of the BCTFA.

The BCFTA has two subsidiaries:

Financial Statements

BCTFA Performance Plan 2019/20-2021/22

BCTFA performance plan supports the Ministry goals, objectives and strategies, which are outlined in the Ministry’s Service Plan.

Goal 1: Maximize the financial, social and economic benefits of provincial transportation investments.


  • Protect existing transportation infrastructure by replacing, rehabilitating and seismic retrofitting of the transportation networks;
  • Invest wisely with comprehensive transportation investment plans that support long-term and sustainable economic growth;
  • Develop strategic partnerships with federal and other local government agencies, communities and private sectors that serve the best interest of British Columbians; and
  • Use innovative solutions and best practices to deliver the most cost effective transportation investment plans.