British Columbia Railway Company (BCRC)

Organizational Overview

BCRC’s primary mandate is to acquire and hold railway corridor and strategic port lands and to make related infrastructure investments to provide benefits to the province. BCRC owns the former BC Rail railway lands and tracks infrastructure, which is leased to CN Rail through the Revitalization Agreement. Consistent with western trade corridor strategies, BCRC owns and operates the Roberts Bank Port Subdivision rail line (a 40-kilometre track from Surrey to Roberts Bank coal and container terminals). BCRC, through its subsidiary BCR Properties Ltd., also owns port-related lands which are leased to terminal operators, including those upon which the Vancouver Wharves and Squamish Terminals port facilities operate.

BCRC is a corporation incorporated under the British Columbia Railway Act. On April 1, 2010, BCRC moved under the control and management of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of the BC Transportation Financing Authority (BCTFA).

BCRC has retained its legislative authority and is governed by two principal pieces of legislation. The British Columbia Railway Act establishes the corporation’s structure, governance, responsibilities and accountabilities. The British Columbia Railway Finance Act establishes the borrowing and investment framework for BCRC. BCRC must also meet the requirements common to other government corporations and organizations under the Financial Administration Act and the Budget Transparency and Accountability Act.

Corporate Governance

BCRC’s governance practices are in accordance with the best practices outlined in the BC Governance and Disclosure Guidelines for Governing Boards of British Columbia Public Sector Organizations, Board Resourcing and Development Office, February 2005.

The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is the sole member and chair of the Board of Directors.

BCRC Performance Plan 2019/20-2021/22

BCRC Goals, Objectives and Strategies can be found on their website.