Transportation Project Cost Estimating

Cost estimates are a key element of the benefit cost analysis in project business cases upon which capital investment plan decisions are made. They are also the basis for establishing and amending project budgets and are one of the most important factors against which the success of a project is measured.


  • Project Cost Estimating Guidelines (PDF, 1MB - September 2013)
    Guidelines on preparing project cost estimates for capital and rehabilitation projects including estimating principles, framework for submission, classification of estimates, estimating methods, and several cost estimating tools in the form of spreadsheets have been compiled to assist cost estimators in developing and documenting their cost estimates for Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure projects.


NOTE: The unit rates and prices contained in these tools are not to be considered current or necessarily applicable for any particular region of the province. It is expected that the unit rates and prices in these tools will be reviewed and updated by the estimator. Estimators must establish their own unit rates and prices in these tools, and ensure they reflect prices prevailing at the time their estimate is prepared. Estimators are fully responsible for the project cost estimates they produce from their use of these tools.