Recognized Products List Submission & Evaluation

Last updated on August 31, 2021

Products used for construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of highways and bridges must be on the Recognized Products List unless otherwise approved.

Product suppliers and manufactures may request to have a product added to the Recognized Products List. The recognized products list standing committee (est. 1991) will review, evaluate and list accepted products in the Recognized Products List for use on ministry maintenance and construction contracts.

In general, brand name products meeting the Standard Specifications for Highway Construction are satisfactory for use when meeting contractual specifications and accepted by the project manager. These products do not require a product submission.

Evaluation Process

The committee meets quarterly or on an as-needed basis to:

  • Receive and evaluate product submission information,
  • Notify applicants of product submission decisions, and
  • Update and publish the Recognized Products List.

The committee evaluates products for:

  • Acceptable applications for use on the B.C.'s highways and infrastructure,
  • Compliance with national / international specification standards, and
  • Meeting ministry requirements.

Products are reviewed for, but not limited to:

  • Chemical and physical properties of the product for its application using CSA, CGSB, ASTM, or other standards,
  • MSDS data, and
  • Relevant reviews from other transportation jurisdictions

Product submissions are maintained in a database for future consideration.

  • Accepted products are listed in the Recognized Product List. Designers, contractors and the ministry determine economic considerations of new products.
  • Declined products are not listed or published as this may imply a product is of no value when in fact the product does not meet current ministry needs or application

Declined Products

A declined product has not met acceptance criteria and/or application for its use. The applicant can submit new or required information to meet the committee’s requirements and/or standards for acceptance.

Trial Products

Trial products are on a limited-time trial use for evaluation and application at a site determined and/or accepted by the committee. The results of trial product’s information are provided to the committee for further evaluation and a decision will be made to accept, decline or submit for additional trial application. 

The time to change a product from “trial” to “accepted” or “declined” may take a few years, depending on the type of product and its application.

Products on trial are:

  • Not used on projects unless the project manager gives prior acceptance
  • Monitored for safety and environmental effects

Accepted Products

Contractors may use accepted products listed on the Recognized Products List.

Suppliers and manufacturers are responsible for the performance and warranty of product application.

Finally, listing of the product does not endorse the product’s application or performance.

Contact information

Contact the Recognized Products List evaluation standing committee if you have questions about adding new products to the Recognized Products List.

250 387-7735
PO BOX 9850 STN PROV GOV Victoria, BC V8V 2V4
4B - 940 Blanshard St, Victoria, BC