The Competitive Selection Process

The procurement requirements for the 2018/2019 Highway Maintenance Agreements includes:

  • Request for Qualifications (RFQ) phase, including:
    • Submission of organizational and quality management information in a pre-qualification process;
  • Request for Proposals (RFP) phase, including:
    • Submission of a consent of surety, bid bond (or irrevocable letter of credit), statutory declaration and an undertaking to provide liability insurance; and
    • Submission of a maintenance services proposal and a price proposal.

Results of Recently Completed Competitive Selection Processes

From 2003-06, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure began entering into 10-year agreements with maintenance contractors to provide highway maintenance services across the province.

In 2012, the ministry reached agreements with the BC Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association to extend 27 of the 28 existing highway maintenance agreements for an additional five years (mostly through to 2018-19). The highway maintenance agreement for Service Area 11 – East Kootenay was not extended.  A new agreement began in September, 2016.