The Competitive Selection Process for Highway Maintenance Agreements

The procurement requirements for the 2018/2019 Highway Maintenance Agreements includes:

  • Request for Qualifications (RFQ) phase, including:
    • Submission of organizational and quality management information in a pre-qualification process;
  • Request for Proposals (RFP) phase, including:
    • Submission of a consent of surety, bid bond (or irrevocable letter of credit), statutory declaration and an undertaking to provide liability insurance; and
    • Submission of a maintenance services proposal and a price proposal.

Results of Recently Completed Processes

2018/2019 Highway Maintenance Agreements

Procurement of the 26 service area contracts part of the 2018/2019 Highway Maintenance Agreements began in September 2017. Request for proposals (RFPs) for individual Service Areas began closing in March of 2018. 

Preliminary Results of Recently Closed RFPs
Service Area Company
2 - Central Island Mainroad Mid-Island Contracting Limited Partnership, by its General Partner Mainroad Mid-Island Contracting Ltd.
3 - North Island Mainroad North Island Contracting Limited Partnership, by its General Partner Mainroad North Island Contracting Ltd.
4 - Howe Sound Miller Capilano Maintenance Corporation
9 - Kootenay Boundary Yellowhead Road & Bridge (Kootenay Boundary) Ltd.
12 - Selkirk EMCON Services Inc.
15 - Thompson Argo Road Maintenance (Thompson) Inc.
24 - Lakes Lakes District Maintenance Inc.
27 - North Coast O'Brien Road & Bridge Maintenance Ltd.

Service Area 11 (2016)

In 2012, the ministry reached agreements with the BC Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association to extend 27 of the 28 existing highway maintenance agreements for an additional five years (mostly through to 2018-19). The highway maintenance agreement for Service Area 11 – East Kootenay was not extended.  A new agreement began in September, 2016.