Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program - British Columbia - Community, Culture and Recreation Infrastructure

On June 25, 2020, the Canadian and British Columbian governments committed up to $100.6 million towards the second intake of the Community, Culture, and Recreation Program to support cost-sharing of infrastructure projects in communities across the Province. This intake is designed to target projects starting in 2021 or 2022.

Funding under the first intake, which represented a commitment of up to $134 million by the Canadian and British Columbian governments, is fully allocated, with approvals underway.

Please ensure directions are followed as funding is competitive and merit-based, and previous intakes were oversubscribed. The applications that receive the highest technical score will be those that show a clear connection to program criteria and objectives, demonstrate the principles of sustainability, and that are supported by strong planning to ensure sustainable service delivery.


Projects most likely to receive funds provide value for money and are proportionate to the size of the community that will benefit. Equitable distribution of funding is a consideration. Before submitting project proposals, applicants should be guided by the amount of money requested by shortlisted applications in the previous intake. These applications requested an average combined federal-provincial grant of $2.5 million. Requests for large amounts are unlikely to be able to be met through the program.

To apply for this funding follow these steps:

  1. Before submitting an application, refer to:
  2. Determine if your project meets requirements for funding
  3. Determine if your organization is eligible to submit an application
  4. Ensure you have a business BCeID (see Accessing the Online Application Instructions above for details)
  5. Complete the online application
  6. Upload your completed mandatory documents with your application which may include but are not limited to:
    • Project location .KML file
    • Council/Board/Band Council Resolution
    • Detailed Cost Estimate
    • Site Plan/Map
    • Project Study or Plan
    • List and status of required licenses, permits and approvals (or indicate if not applicable)
    • Evidence of secured funds

Project Eligibility

Eligible projects will support public infrastructure, defined as a tangible capital asset primarily for public use and benefit. To be eligible, projects must meet the following outcome.

  • The project will improve access to and/or increased quality of cultural, recreational and/or community infrastructure for Canadians, including Indigenous peoples and vulnerable populations.

Project Financing and Cost Sharing

Applicants must be prepared to finance project construction, cost-share the project, and cover any cost over-runs.  The program is claims based.  Please see the Program Guide (PDF, 710 KB) for additional details.  The total federal and provincial contributions depend on the type of applicant. 

Projects from Local Government

Funding is available up to 73.33% of the eligible project costs (40% Government of Canada, 33.33% Province of British Columbia).

  • Municipalities may submit one application.
  • Regional Districts may submit one application for each community in their area.
    A community is defined as a settlement area within a regional district electoral area or an established or proposed service area.

Indigenous Ultimate Recipient Projects - On-Reserve

Funding is available up to 75% of the eligible project costs (75% Government of Canada)

  • Indigenous Ultimate Recipients may submit one application.

Indigenous Ultimate Recipient Projects - Off-Reserve

Funding is available up to 90% of the eligible project costs (75% Government of Canada, 15% Province of British Columbia).

  • Indigenous Ultimate Recipients may submit one application.

Not-For-Profit Projects

Funding is available up to 65% of the eligible project costs (40% Government of Canada, 25% Province of British Columbia).

  • Not-For-Profit organizations may submit one application.