Using the Provincial Rest Area Map

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Here are some tips to help you use the rest area map on your workstation or mobile device.


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Rest Area Symbols

Blue rest area symbols represent rest areas that can accommodate all vehicles, including large commercial trucks and RVs. Generally, these rest areas have larger parking areas and acceleration/deceleration lanes.Although available to large commercial vehicles, the maximum Gross Combined Vehicle Weight (GCVW) is 63,500kg and the maximum Overall Allowable Length (OAL) is 26m.

Red rest area symbols indicate restricted entry to large commercial vehicles, such as semis, as well as regular passenger vehicles and motor homes over 20 metres in length.

Search for Rest Areas

On desktop only: Enter the name of a B.C. town or city in the search bar in the top banner. The map will zoom to the destination and display the icons in the vicinity.

Find Rest Area Amenities

On desktop: Click an icon on the map to open an information window on the left side of the screen.

On Mobile: Click an icon on the map and select the information icon at the bottom of the screen. Information about the rest area or information centre will appear in a new window. Click the globe icon in the footer to go back to the map.

Turn Symbols On or Off:
Turn symbols on or off by selecting/deselecting the check boxes under the Layers symbol in the top right hand corner.

Cluster or Uncluster the Symbols:
Clustering displays a group of rest area symbols as one symbol with a number. As you zoom into the location, the symbols will split out into their actual locations. This feature can be turned on or off in the Layers dropdown.

Terminology in the Information Table
Direction of Traffic: Indicates what lane (southbound, northbound, etc.) you can use to enter the rest area.

Access Restricted from: traffic coming from the indicated direction (ie, northbound, southbound, etc.) may not be able to easily access the rest area, due to road barriers, highway configuration or some other obstruction. If access is accommodated from both directions, it will be shown as "no restriction".

Number of Toilets:  describes number and type of toilet facility (flush, pit, compost, chemical or other). "Other" indicates that more than one type of toilet may be on site.

Accom Large Vehicles: The rest area has been designed to accommodate large commercial vehicles

Acceleration/Deceleration lanes: informs drivers of large trucks and motor homes if acceleration or deceleration lanes are available so they can control their entrances and exits from a rest area without impeding traffic.

WiFi Available: indicates with a "Yes or "No" whether free Wi-Fi is available at this rest area.

Number of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: The number of Level 2 and Level 3 charging stations at this location.  Level three charging stations support both CHAdeMO and SAE-CCS connectors.  Level 3 Fast Charge stations are either 50 kW or 25 kW depending on availability of 3-phase power.  Charging station information is provided for your convenience but EV drivers are encouraged to refer to more dedicated sites such as ChargeHub or PlugShare for trip planning purposes,

Google Streetview© : Opens Google Streetview at the location of the selected rest area. This feature is not available in IOS mobile devices.

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