Cycling Policy

Our goal to integrate bicycling on the province’s highways by providing safe, accessible and convenient bicycle facilities and by supporting and encouraging cycling.

  1. Provisions for cyclists are made on all new and upgraded provincial highways. All exceptions to this policy will be subject to an evaluation procedure, as described in the reference material.
  2. Route evaluations that impact cyclists will include consultations with cycling stakeholders. An evaluation can be applied on existing routes to identify measures that will improve cycling conditions.
  3. We involve cycling interests and local government officials responsible for cycling in all highway planning consultations. Municipal bicycle advisory committees and/or recognized cycling advocacy organizations can be utilized to provide advice on cycling needs, facilitate issues and to monitor the effectiveness of the cycling policy.
  4. To accommodate the safety and travel requirements for different types of cyclists, we plan, design and build for the appropriate type of cyclist based on the type of facility.
  5. The cost of meeting the cycling policy will be managed within normal business practices and annual budgets. We encourage the use of alternative funding.
  6. Uniform signing and marking will be provided for cyclists on all provincial highways. (see reference material*)
  7. The cycling policy and reference material will be monitored on a regular basis. The first review will be conducted no later than three years from the effective date. The process will include consultation with stakeholders.

* NOTE: Reference material is subject to updating and change without formally changing the Cycling Policy. Reference material is available upon request.