Report and pay PST through your bank

Last updated: February 1, 2023 

You can pay your provincial sales tax (PST) and municipal and regional district tax (MRDT) through most banks and other financial institutions, however, only some banks provide an option for you to electronically file your return (report your tax). We suggest you contact your bank or financial institution to find out what services are available to you and how to use them.

Note: You can’t file your paper tax return through your bank or financial institution. If you pay your PST or MRDT in-person through a teller, you still need to file your tax return using another method.

File your tax return

If your bank provides a File and Pay service, you can file your PST return online. You can access this service when you log on to your online banking account. If you file your return using this method, you must pay your taxes at the same time. Your bank may charge you a fee for this service.

Note: This service is only available for PST; if you collect MRDT you must file and pay your MRDT using another method.

Pay your taxes

If you filed your tax return using eTaxBC or by mail, you can pay your taxes using banking services. There are two ways to pay through your bank or financial institution:

  1. Bill payment service
  2. Electronic funds transfer

Note: You must pay your taxes in Canadian dollars.

 Bill payment service

Most banks and financial institutions offer bill payment services for their clients. Bill payment services can generally be accessed through:

  • Your online banking account
  • An automated teller machine (ATM)
  • Telephone banking
  • A teller

To pay your taxes using a bill payment service you need to add a payee for PST to your bank account. To add a new payee to your bank account you need to know our payee name and your PST account number.

Payee name
For return payments, you will find us listed with your financial institution under one of the following payee names:

Institution PST MRDT
Bank of Montreal (BMO) BC – Prov Sales Tax BC – Muni & Reg Tax
Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank) BC-PROV SALES TAX BC MUNI REG TAX
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC),
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), TD Canada Trust (TD)

For overdue account payments, you will find us listed under:

  • BC - Stmt of Acct

Note: some banks and financial institutions may use a variation of the payee names above. If you can't find us, call your bank for assistance.

Account number
Find your PST account number (e.g. PST-XXXX-XXXX) listed on your tax return or registration documents.

You can also find your PST number by logging on to your eTaxBC account.

 Electronic funds transfer

If you aren't able to pay using bill payment services you may be able to make an electronic funds transfer. Your financial institution may charge you a fee for this service.

Note: If you choose to pay through your bank's online bill payment option or electronic funds transfer, you must file your tax returns using another method.

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