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Once you have registered to collect provincial sales tax (PST) you can file and pay your tax returns online using eTaxBC. eTaxBC is the easiest and fastest way to file your returns and pay your taxes.

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Logon to your account, once you’ve created an eTaxBC account, to file and pay your PST and municipal and regional district tax (MRDT) (if applicable).

How to Use eTaxBC

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You must report and pay your taxes in Canadian dollars.

If you provide accommodation in more than one jurisdiction that collects the MRDT, eTaxBC is the only place where you can consolidate all your MRDT accounts under one return and one payment.

If your business makes $1.5 million or more in total annual national sales or leases, it's mandatory to file tax returns and pay tax electronically.

Report and Pay Using eTaxBC

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