Property tax updates for municipalities and regional districts

This information is to help municipalities and regional districts understand property tax reporting and payment processes.

Last updated: December 31, 2020

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School and police tax

Home owner grant

The administration of the home owner grant program has been centralized within the B.C. government. Applicants no longer apply through their municipal office. This change reduces the administrative burden on municipalities by automating the home owner grant application process and streamlining the school tax reconciliation process. 

Municipalities are still encouraged to assist property owners with their questions or direct them to contact the province. Visit the home owner grant website for public information about the program.

Regional districts and regional hospital districts

eTaxBC tutorials

Rural tax notice insert

Regional districts may submit an informational insert to be printed and mailed out with Rural Property Tax Notices each year. The insert will be sent to owners of all folios within a regional district, except owners with BC Assessment Bulk Mail codes.

A finalized tax notice insert must be submitted by April 1st each year as a file attachment using eTaxBC. Content will not be reviewed due to resource and time constraints. No changes to content may be made after April 1st.

Regional districts must ensure that the insert conforms to the tax notice insert margin and sizing guidelines. Inserts that fail to comply will be rejected and not sent out.