Adding a spouse to the property title after deferring your taxes

If you've deferred your property taxes under the Regular or Families with Children deferment programs, you can add your spouse to your property title without repaying your deferment account. However, if you make any other changes to the owners on your property title or transfer full title to your spouse, you'll need to repay your tax deferment loan first.

Once your spouse is added to your property title, they're equally liable for the entire loan balance. Before adding your spouse, we recommend you and your spouse review:

  • Your original tax deferment agreement
  • The last Statement of Account you received

Your Statement of Account will show your balance. If you have made any payments after this date, they may not appear on this statement. Contact us or enrol for eTaxBC to find out your current balance. 

To change your property title, you need to:

 Add your spouse to your tax deferment agreement

To apply, complete the application and amending agreement (FIN 54) (PDF). You may prefer to have a legal professional complete this form.

The agreement on page 3 (Form 4) must be signed by all the registered owners including your spouse, but only you need to sign page 2 of the application (Form 1A).

Mail the original signed agreement and application to:

Property Tax Deferment Office
PO Box 9475 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC  V8W 9W6

Note: If the current registered owner passes away prior to completing and signing the application and amending agreement, the registration of adding a spouse can’t be completed. Contact us for more information.

 Change your property title

Once your application to add your spouse has been approved, the province will:

  • Return your application and amending agreement form
  • Provide a Consent Letter agreeing to the title change

To change your property title, have your legal professional file the returned amending forms, the Consent Letter and any other required documents at the Land Title Office or Personal Property Registry if you have a manufactured home. The Land Title Office or the Personal Property Registry will register a modification to the existing property tax deferment lien.

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