March 12, 2020 - Updates to the Gaming Event Licensing Licensed Charitable Gaming Program Rules

The Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (GPEB) has released updated Licensed Charitable Gaming Rules (Licensing Rules) effective March 12, 2020. This document will affect all Class A, B, C and D licences and replace the previous Standard Procedures and Guidelines documents. At this time, there have been no functional changes to eligibility requirements or use of proceeds. Changes have also been made to the website to make it easier to navigate and locate important information. Please note, you may need to update your bookmarks or favourites.

The Licensing Rules outline the process by which an eligible organization may acquire a licence to conduct and manage a gaming event in British Columbia. The Licensing Rules have been updated to reflect changes to GPEB policies, amalgamate the Standard Procedures and Guidelines documents, and improve accessibility for all users. These updates incorporate frequently heard concerns and ongoing feedback received from charitable organizations.

To help improve our service delivery, GPEB will continue to review this document and will phase in a secondary update in the future. Your feedback is encouraged; GPEB will consider any feedback on the Licensing Rules document received in the next 60 days to help inform subsequent updates. GPEB will continue to communicate changes to organizations when updates to the Licensing Rules are made.

All applicants are strongly encouraged to review the Licensing Rules in their entirety to ensure they understand all eligibility and application criteria.

Where to find the new guidelines:  Licensed Charitable Gaming Rules (PDF)

Summary of current changes:

  1. Prize security requirements updated.
  2. Online application submission and resources updated.
  3. Class D calendar year limit has been raised from $10,000 to $20,000.
  4. Annual poker limits have been raised from $20,000 to $50,000.
  5. Requirements for awarding vehicles as prizes updated.
  6. Restrictions regarding liquor and cannabis as prizes updated.
  7. New section: member-funded societies.
  8. New section: extraprovincial non-share corporations.
  9. Required eligibility review documents now listed.
  10. Conditional licence number requests simplified.
  11. Requirements for awarding unrestricted firearms as prizes updated.
  12. Change to terminology, Licensed Gaming Online vs. Electronic Raffles Systems.
  13. Electronic Raffle System requirements and information simplified.
  14. Forms and resources have been updated in corresponding sections.
  15. Online Gaming Event Revenue Report submission and resources updated.
  16. Requirements allowing minors at bingo events has been updated.
  17. New section: Ineligible gaming events.
  18. New section: Chase the Ace.
  19. Advertising requirements simplified.
  20. Requirements for awarding homes as prizes updated.
  21. Process for managing and reporting lost/stolen tickets provided.
  22. Community Service Organization responsibilities and admin fees updated.
  23. New section: travel prize requirements.
  24. New section: glossary.

If you have questions about these changes, please contact us.