Explore B.C.'s Advantage

British Columbia's breathtaking beauty, rich cultural diversity and amazing sport, arts and culture attractions are some of the assets communities and organizations have to help attract events and visitors. Here's how to explore B.C.'s advantage and have visitors come for the event – and stay for the experience!

Why B.C.?

British Columbians are a friendly lot and proud of what their home towns have to offer.

The province has several very distinct geographical regions which allow visitors to explore a desert in Osoyoos, rolling ranch land in the Cariboo, a West Coast rainforest, or the pristine beaches and estuaries along the B.C. coastline where you can spot whales and Grizzly Bears. Wherever you are in B.C., you're never far from majestic mountains, lakes and rivers so skiing, fishing, hiking and whitewater rafting abound. 

In small towns across the province, local festivals and events will delight and amuse, and welcoming residents are happy to point out the area's highlights, happenings and sites of interest.

In the larger cities, art galleries, world-class performing arts and concerts will entertain and inspire. Cultural diversity is the heartbeat of our communities – from the rich history and traditions of Aboriginal people, to the oldest Chinatown in Canada, to the fascinating story of the Doukhobors and other immigrant groups.

And British Columbians love their sports, so pick a team and join the cheering crowds.

If you are planning an event in B.C., be sure to book in extra time for your fans and participants to explore and enjoy this amazing province.