Facts & Stats

The arts and culture sector is a key economic driver that contributes to local economies; builds strong, vibrant communities; and creates civic engagement and provincial pride.

According to the Provincial and Territorial Culture Indicators, 2014 produced by Stats Canada:

  • In 2014, B.C.’s growth in culture gross domestic product (GDP) was higher than the national average.
  • B.C. consistently has the third-highest culture GDP and jobs in the country, ahead of Alberta and behind Ontario and Quebec.
  • B.C.’s total culture GDP in 2014 was about $6.7 billion, a $1 billion increase since 2010.
  • B.C.’s culture GDP represents 3% of B.C.’s economy and 12.2% of culture GDP in Canada

Other interesting notes:

  • Approximately 88,000 volunteers and 126,000 donors support arts and culture in B.C.
  • With 24,800 artists, B.C. has more artists per capita than any other province.
  • The number of artists in B.C. grew by 74% between 1989 and 2013.
  • The United Nations has identified the creative economy as one of the world's fastest growing sectors for income generation, job creation and export earnings.