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People and businesses in B.C.'s creative sector can access a variety of provincial programs.

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Production Services Tax CreditThis tax credit is for accredited production corporations that produce accredited film or video productions in B.C. The credits are available to both domestic and foreign producers. There is no Canadian content requirement.

Film and Television Tax Credits - This tax credit is for eligible corporations that produce eligible film or video productions in B.C. The credits are for domestic productions with qualifying levels of Canadian content.

Reel Focus BC Support for B.C content creators or companies. Get financial support for development and production of B.C. Intellectual Property.

Creative Pathways – Website with resources to support a diverse and inclusive motion picture workforce.

Knowledge NetworkOffers free, commercial-free educational programming. Knowledge Network Corporation is a provincial Crown agency.

Amplify BC – Provincial funding program for B.C. artists, sound professionals and music companies.

It focuses on four funding areas:

  • Career development for B.C. artists
  • Support for live music events in B.C.
  • Support for B.C.’s music companies and
  • Development of B.C.’s music industry

Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit – This tax credit is for eligible registered corporations that develop interactive digital media products in B.C. after August 31, 2010 and before September 1, 2023. The credit is calculated as 17.5% of eligible salary and wages incurred in the tax year.

Interactive FundThe program supports the production of:

  • Original interactive digital media projects
  • Content and software applications

Projects and content must be owned and controlled by B.C. societies, companies or people. This program is a partnership between Creative BC and the BC Arts Council.

Skills Innovator Initiative – Provides up to $10,000 to help employers hire a new employee. The program helps under-represented people get their first job in B.C.’s tech sector. It also supports companies facing skills shortages to grow and expand.

Book Publishing Tax Credit - The book publishing tax credit program applies to book publishing corporations that carry out business primarily in B.C. Eligible book publishers may receive a credit of up to 90% of the base amount of Support for Publishers contributions received in the tax year.

Market Expansion Fund – B.C. book publishers can get support to promote their publishing list at:

  • book fairs
  • conferences
  • events

Book publishers can also get support for:

  • Foreign and subsidiary rights sales
  • Digital marketing materials or campaigns


Learn more about programs and services on Creative BC’s website.