Tools for Fuel Management

In preparing to develop a treatment plan to mitigate wildfire threat near values at risk, users may find the below suite of tools helpful in quantifying threat, developing treatment options, and prescribing a treatment plan.

Currently, the Wildfire Risk Reduction protocol calls for Forestry Consultants to develop stand treatment prescriptions to meet wildfire behaviour targets for wildfire risk reduction. The wildfire behaviour targets are developed for conditions at the 90th percentile Forest Fire Weather Index values. The newly developed 90th percentile calculator provides a consistent rationale and dataset for calculating this percentile.

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Stocking standards provide the basic linkage between the harvest of a forest stand and the regeneration of a new stand. The purpose of a fire management stocking standard is to develop and maintain forest stand conditions that achieve fire management objectives. This commonly means reducing fire behaviour by reducing the likelihood of crown fire and/or fast-moving high intensity ground fire.