If you receive an emergency alert

During a life-threatening emergency, an emergency alert will be issued to affected areas in B.C. Some alerts may be received by small warning areas, while others may affect more than one region or be issued province-wide.

What to do when you receive an alert

Do not call 911 unless you are trapped and unable to evacuate or are experiencing a medical or safety emergency.

If you receive an emergency alert follow these 4 steps:

Step 1

Stop what you're doing and read the alert.

Step 2

Determine if you are in the warning area by:

  • Carefully assessing the warning area description in the alert message
  • Visiting the webpage included in the message for more information or a map

Step 3

If you are in the warning area, follow all directions, which could include evacuating the area. 

Step 4

When safe to do so, check for other sources of information from your local government, First Nation, and emergency officials.

Other sources of information

Emergency alerts are meant to complement, not replace, existing emergency information and alerting functions, including:

Alert 'ended'

An “all clear” message may be issued once the situation has been resolved. The “all clear” message could be distributed via radio and television stations at their discretion but will only be sent to wireless devices if the alert is a “shelter-in-place” alert. Monitor your local media for information.