Testing the emergency alert system

The Province conducts a test of the emergency alert system twice each year. The last test of the Alert Ready system occurred on Wednesday, May 10 2023 at 1:55 pm PDT.

During a system test, an alert tone and message are broadcast to radio, TV, and compatible cell phones. In advance of the test, some carriers may do silent tests of their systems. Depending on your phone’s settings, you may receive an early alert message without sound.

Example message: "This is a TEST of the BC emergency alert system, issued by Emergency Management BC. This is ONLY a TEST. In an actual emergency, this message would contain instructions to help keep you and your community safe. Learn more about how, when and why emergency alerts are issued in BC at www.emergencyinfobc.ca. This is ONLY a TEST. No action is required.”

Do not call 911 for information about the test. Using 911 for non-emergency calls could delay help for people in crisis.

Feedback on the test

Following the test, complete an online survey to provide your feedback and help determine the reach of the emergency alert system.

English survey   French survey

About Alert Ready

Alert Ready is a Canada-wide system that B.C. uses to issue emergency alerts to cell phones, radio and TV. This system is only used during large-scale disasters or life-threatening emergencies. Alert Ready is tested across Canada following a set testing schedule.

For more information about emergency alerts in B.C., contact the Ministry of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness (EMCR). The Alert Ready website  also provides additional information about B.C.’s alerting system.