Reports & Consultation Papers

Preventing Youth Involvement in Gangs assists service providers, parents, teachers and others who are working to prevent youth from becoming involved in gangs or to help them leave gangs. (2011)

Strength-based Approaches to Youth Gang Prevention in B.C. discusses strength-based strategies for reducing youth involvement in gang violence. It includes a review of research on strengths that matter, discussion of cultural relevance and differentiation of types of strength-based interventions. (2010)

Gang Prevention for New Immigrant and Refugee Youth in B.C.: Community Consultation Paper explores why and how immigrant and refugee youth aged 13-23 and in Canada less than five years may or may not become involved with youth gangs. (2010)

Gangs, Girls and Sexual Exploitation in B.C. explores why and how girls become involved in gangs in B.C, what their roles are, and the potential links to sexual exploitation. (2010)

The Promising Practices for Addressing Youth Involvement in Gangs (Totten Report) provides an overview of the prevalence of gangs in B.C. and Canada, and gives clear guidelines on evidence-based gang prevention and intervention strategies and practices. (2008)