End Gang Life

End Gang Life: Myths & Realities are six gang prevention videos by British Columbia's Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit.

Each video provides a thought-provoking look into the many myths about gangs. They include interviews with:

  • Parents who have lost children to gang-related murders
  • Police officers who have investigated gangs and gang-related murders
  • Former gang members who give rare insight into the world of gangs and gang violence

The videos aim to prevent youth from joining gangs by exposing the truth about gang life.

Module 1:

Myths: The first module disputes the myth of having lots of money, fancy cars, power and that transporting a little bit of drugs is no big deal. The basis of the first module is essentially high risk, high reward.

End Gang Life: Myths and Realities - Module 1

Module 2:

Myths: The second module focuses specifically on female involvement in gangs. Girls have a role to play and they aren’t immune to the violence that accompanies the lifestyle.

End Gang Life: "Myths and Realities" - Module 2

Module 3:

Myths: The third module highlights the misconception that gang members will be your friends - people you count on - and that that the lifestyle will earn you respect. Gang life is a book that gets judged by its cover. The horrors aren’t revealed until later.

End Gang Life: Myths and Realities - Module 3

Module 4:

Myths: The fourth module focuses on the belief that a gang is like a brotherhood and support system. The reality is you are alone and fighting a losing battle.

End Gang Life: Myths and Realities - Module 4

Module 5:

Myth: The myth of living a long and happy life is demystified entirely in the fifth module. It is no secret, but many gangsters don’t live past the age of 30.

End Gang Life: Myths and Realities - Module 5

Module 6:

Myths: The sixth module serves to eliminate the stigma that surrounds gang life. It is easy to brush it off and say that these people got what they deserved, and that the murder of a gangster is a victimless crime. But there are victims: the parents, spouses, and children who are left behind to suffer.

End Gang Life: Myths and Realities - Module 6