The Family Law Act

The Family Law Act is B.C.’s primary private family law statute and impacts almost all areas of family justice in the province. 

When families decide not to live together anymore, the Family Law Act:

  • Puts the safety and best interests of the child first
  • Encourages families to resolve their disputes out-of-court
  • Clarifies parental responsibilities and the division of assets when couples separate and divorce
  • Addresses family violence
  • Provides a framework to determine legal parentage


The following pages explain the Family Law Act in more detail:

Family Law Act 

The Family Law Act page provides an overview of the act.

Family Law Act Explained

Family Law Act Explained:

  • Details the Family Law Act as it was implemented in 2013
  • Describes the meaning and intent of each section
  • Notes where a section replaced, changed or carried-over a section of the Family Relations Act

Family Law Act Regulations explained

Family Law Act Regulations Explained:

  • Details the original regulations section by section

Family Law in BC Quick Reference Tool

Legal Aid BC's Family Law in BC Quick Reference Tool provides answers to frequently asked questions.