Where can I find out more about dealing with property and debt?

Family Law in British Columbia – Legal Services Society

Dealing with debts after you separate on the Legal Services Society's Family Law in BC website answers a range of questions including:

  • What is family property?
  • What about property one of us owned before we got together?
  • Can creditors force me to pay back my ex-spouse's debts?

Other Online Information

Clicklaw – Courthouse Libraries BC

Clicklaw provides user friendly, searchable access to key legal information, including information about the division of property at separation. On the home page (“Solve Problems”), go to “Your Family” and select family law.

Clicklaw’s HelpMap can help you locate services that can assist with family law problems.

Clicklaw also links you to information in other languages.

Dial-A-Law – Canadian Bar Association, B.C. Branch

Dial-A-Law is a library of scripts prepared by lawyers. It is a service of the Canadian Bar Association, B.C. Branch. It offers information on family law topics, including Dividing Family Assets and Separation: Deciding Who Will Move Out.

To read or listen on the Internet, go to the Dial-A-Law website and select Family Law.

In-person Information and Services

Finances After Separation – Justice Education Society of BC

Parenting After Separation: Finances is a free three-hour workshop to assist parents to understand and address the financial issues connected with separation. Separated with Children: Dealing with Finances is the parent handbook for the program.

For other in-person services, see Who Can Help?