Change of Gender Designation on Birth Certificates

Change of Gender Designation on Birth Registration

Effective January 10, 2022, adults and minors 12 years and older who wish to change their gender designation on a BC birth registration no longer require a physician’s or psychologist’s confirmation. Minors under 12 years old require a physician or psychologist confirmation.

Applicants under 19 years old require consent of all parents having guardianship.

How to Change Your Gender Designation with the Vital Statistics Agency

Each applicant for a change of gender designation needs to submit different forms dependant on age.  For applicants 12 years and older, fill out an application ‘Adults and Minors Aged 12 years and Older’.  For applicants under 12 years, fill out an application ‘Minors Aged Under 12 Years’ and include a ‘Physician’s or Psychologist’s Confirmation of Change of Gender Designation’ form.

Note: The $27 amendment fee charged when you change the gender designation on your birth registration does not include a new birth certificate.