This section will tell you how to register your child’s birth, order birth documents, make changes to a birth record, and undertake genealogical research.

Birth Registration

Birth registration is the only way to create a permanent legal record of a person’s birth. Parents of children born in B.C. are required to register their child within 30 days of the birth. Learn everything you need to know about new registrations, changing existing registrations, and ordering registration photocopies.

Birth Certificates

Your birth certificate is your foundation identity document. You’ll need it to apply for other important documents like a social insurance number, driver’s licence, and passport. Learn about ordering original and replacement birth certificates, ordering commemorative birth certificates, and changing the gender designation on a birth certificate.


Stillbirth is the loss of a baby after 20 weeks' pregnancy, or after the fetus has attained a weight of 500 grams. Parents who wish to commemorate the stillbirth of their child can apply for a Stillbirth Certificate of Remembrance.

Stillbirth Certificate of Remembrance