Dog-in-Training, Trainer & Retired Dog Certification

Dog-in-Training Certification

The GDSDA dog-in-training certification has been cancelled. Employees and volunteers training dogs for ADI or IGDF accredited schools are no longer required to apply for dog-in-training certification allowing them to train dogs in public places. They only need to apply for the dog trainer certification.

Dog Trainer Certification

Employees or volunteers training dogs for ADI or IGDF accredited schools can apply for certification allowing them to train the dogs in public places.

New Application – Documentation

Please submit the following to Security Programs:

Please note: The registrar will not issue or renew a dog trainer certificate unless the individual identified in the certificate trains dogs on behalf of an accredited training school for the purpose of the dogs becoming guide dogs or service dogs.

2-Year Renewal Application – Documentation

Retired Dog Certification

Certified guide dogs and service dogs that have retired and remain with their handlers can receive retirement certification. Certification permits them to continue living with their handlers regardless of strata bylaws or rental conditions prohibiting pets. Retired certification is available to anyone who has held formal GDSDA certification, or an identification card issued by a school that is accredited by ADI or IGDF.

Certified retired dogs do not have access to restaurants, buses, hotels or other public places granted to working guide dogs and service dogs under the GDSDA.

Retired dog certificate for GDSDA certificate holder: New Application – Documentation

2-Year Renewal Application – Documentation