Research & Publications for B.C. Youth Forensic Psychiatric Services

Youth Forensic Psychiatric Services (YFPS) is a specialized provincial service that brings unique expertise to the comprehensive mental health assessment and treatment of young persons involved in the Criminal Justice system.

Our professional staff are actively involved in providing teaching and education through affiliations with universities, memberships in professional societies and presentations at major conferences.

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About Youth Forensic Psychiatric Services

In B.C. Youth Forensic Psychiatric Services are specialized by virtue of professional training, the application of knowledge to clinical issues in the legal area and the particular clinical complexity often characterizing the young people who are involved in the legal system.

Our services are mandated under the authority of the Criminal Code of Canada, the Forensic Psychiatric Act, the Youth Criminal Justice Act, and the Youth Justice Act (B.C.), the Mental Health Act (B.C.) as well as other provincial legislation.

We are also involved in monitoring the treatment outcome through clinical services. It is through evaluation and research that we have established our reputation as a national leader in forensic mental health.  Our services are accredited by the Council on Accreditation (C.O.A.).

Check out our Annual Reports for the last few years.