Small Claims Pilot - Preparing for a Simplified Trial

The process of starting a small claims court action at Robson Square and Richmond courthouses follows the same process as other courthouses, up to getting ready for court. You can find information on the process in the Small Claims guides 1 - 5.

Once a reply has been filed in response to your claim or if a reply is continued from the Civil Resolution Tribunal, the court registry will mail a notice of simplified trial which will show the date of your trial and include a trial statement form. You will then proceed through the simplified trial process.

Before the Trial

Each party involved must:

At least 14 days before the trial

  • Complete the trial statement form and file it with the registry
  • Follow the directions on the form to complete the trial statement – it must include:
    • A statement of facts in date order (the order in which the events occurred)
    • A calculation of the amount claimed
    • Copies of relevant documents
    • A list of witnesses, with a brief summary of what each witness will say

The trial statement and every document attached must be copied on letter-sized paper (8 ½” X 11”), single-sided and unbound (unless the document type makes it impossible to copy in this format).

At least seven (7) days before the trial

  • Serve the completed trial statement to each of the other parties.


If you will need an interpreter for your simplified trial you must make arrangements beforehand for an interpreter to attend. Please contact the appropriate court registry for more information.