Small claims how-to-guides

Small claims processes in B.C. have changed.

The Civil Resolution Tribunal resolves most small claims up to $5,000, and as of April 1, 2019 began resolving motor vehicle related accident claims up to $50,000 including accident benefit claims and minor injury determinations. The monetary jurisdiction for small claims cases in Provincial Court is $35,000 and simplified trials at Richmond and Robson Square include cases up to $10,000. Visit the Provincial Court of B.C. website and the Civil Resolution Tribunal website to learn more. Find information about the Civil Resolution Tribunal Act.

A series of guides have been developed that may be helpful if you are pursuing, or involved in, a small claims court action. They provide:

  • An overview of the small claims process
  • The steps used in a typical small claims case
  • Answers to commonly asked questions

If you are filing your small claim in Robson Square or Richmond, your claim may follow a different process. Information about the small claims pilot project in those locations is available online.

These guides are provided by the Ministry of Attorney General and the Provincial Court of British Columbia. They are not intended as a substitute for the Small Claims Act or Small Claims Rules which should be examined for specific information.

Information in the guides is not intended to be legal advice. It's best to check with a lawyer or legal professional for this kind of help.  Some organizations offer free legal advice in certain circumstances.

Registry staff cannot give legal advice or fill out your forms for you, but they can answer questions about small claims court procedures. Contact a court registry near you.