Documents that Cannot be Faxed

Before filing, make sure your document or form is not on the list of items that cannot be faxed.

Supreme Court Provincial Court
Documents related to a probate matter An application for an order under Rule 2(1) or (2) if the application is filed in a family justice registry or the court file for the proceedings is transferred under Rule 19 to a family justice registry [see Rule 5(1)]
Document s related to an adoption matter Statement of Finances (Family Maintenance Enforcement Act)
Documents concerning reciprocal enforcement of orders under the Court Order Enforcement Act Certificate of service respecting an application for a default order
Certified copies of documents that are filed for enforcement purposes (e.g. under the Court Order Enforcement Act, Section 29 Certificate of judgment under Section 88 of the Court Order Enforcement Act
An application record or petition record Order under Section 76 of the Offence Act
Chambers record Restitution order under section 741 of the Criminal Code
Trial record Order under section 22 (8) of the Residential Tenancy Act
Proof of marriage from a foreign jurisdiction Decision or order of an arbitrator or the director under section 57 (5) of the Residential Tenancy Act
Certificate of judgment A document that, with the cover sheet, exceeds 20 pages in length, unless in Small Claims its submission by fax is approved by the registrar
Certificate of pending litigation  
Affidavit of service submitted for filing in support  of a default order  

Any of the following, unless their submission by fax is authorized by the Manager, Supreme Court Scheduling of the receiving registry:

  • A trial certificate
  • A notice of trial
  • A requisition to reset a hearing or trial
  • A notice of case planning conference in form 19
  • A requisition requesting a judicial case conference
A document that, with the cover sheet, exceeds 30 pages in length, unless its submission by fax is authorized by a registrar