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Content of this page is for the use of court reporters and transcription contractors.

Transcription companies and authorized court reporters are responsible for following the provisions of their respective contracts, as well as the policies and procedures below.

Transcription manual

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Forms and templates

Supreme Court oral reasons for judgment - downloading templates

The download process installs a template file to your Desktop (Civil/Criminal). If you cannot see the new desktop icon(s) after installation is complete, then right click your Desktop and choose “Refresh” to reveal them. Double clicking on either icon will open a copy of the applicable template for use, which ensures the original stored on your Desktop is always preserved.

If the following dialogue box pops up during installation, follow these steps:

  1. Choose “Remove” as outlined in red;
  2. Click “Next” as outlined in red;
  3. Click the “Remove” button (not shown);
  4. Click “Finish” (not shown);
  5. Repeat the installation process again; and
  6. Right click your Desktop and choose “Refresh” if you do not see Version 4.1 icons for each template on your desk top.

Transcription Installation pop-up box