Zincton All-Seasons Resort Proposal

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Thank you for interest in the Zincton All-Season Resort Proposal. The Zincton Resort proposal is currently in the Formal Proposal stage, which is the second stage of a major project review (see process flowchart here). Mountain Resorts Branch is in the process of reviewing and summarizing the comments from the public, stakeholders, agencies and First Nations received during the comment period in October/November 2021. This information will then be provided to the Proponent who in turn must look for ways to address any potential impacts that have been identified with their Formal Proposal. This review and issues resolution process is expected to take many months. After the Project review is complete, MRB will prepare recommendations for the draft Formal Proposal and Interim Agreement decision.

Please return to this webpage for future updates on the Zincton All-Seasons Resort proposal.

-Zincton Project Team

June 2022

Formal Proposal

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