Petroleum Geoscience Publications

Scientific and technical knowledge is part of the data set needed in making informed decisions about natural gas and oil development.

Maps, statistical data, scientific studies and general reports all offer insight into the characteristics and best management of these important natural resources. Petroleum geology data collected by the province is available on the following webpages.

Energy Open Files are concerned largely with aggregates and terrain hazards, and are open to future modifications:

Geoscience Reports are annual compilations of current research relating to oil and gas in B.C., written mostly by staff of the Ministry of Oil and Gas Development.

These detailed petroleum geoscience studies were written entirely by non-governmental agencies or in collaboration with the Ministry.

The following open files include data, assessments, analyses and surveys.

Useful maps, geological cross-sections and other figures.

Aggregates are used extensively in the construction industry for new roads and concrete.

The following reports and presentations describe current petroleum industry activity in British Columbia. Shale gas prospects and technologies have reshaped activity in the northeast.

The report of the Northeast British Columbia Terrain Hazards Program included: a review; an inventory of known landslides; terrain hazard maps; discussions; and recommendations.