Energy Open Files

Report No. Title NTS Author
Energy Open File 2011-2 Compilation of Geological Survey of Canada Surficial Geology Maps 94A;93P A. Hickin, M. Fournier
Energy Open File 2011-1 Preliminary Bedrock Topography and Drift Thickness of the Montney Play Area 94A;93P A. Hickin
Energy Open File 2009-3 Geoscience Needs for Geothermal Energy Development in Western Canada: Findings and Recommendations   Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, Geological Survey of Canada
Energy Open File 2009-2 Aggregate Potential of Green Creek Area   A. Marich, A. Hickin, T. Barchyn
Energy Open File 2009-1 Fontas Road Aggregate Prospect - Kilometre 47 94H A. Hickin, T. Ferbey
Energy Open File 2008-1 Aggregate Potential of the Kimea Creek Area, NEBC 94P Ferby, T.
Energy Open File 2007-1 Surficial Geology Studies in NEBC: Quaternary Mapping and Diamonds 94I V. Levson, et al
Energy Open File 2006-1 Aggregate Potential of Selected Terraces Along the East Kiskatinaw 93P A. Hickin
Energy Open File 2005-2 Sand and Gravel Mapping in NEBC Using Airborne Electromagnectic Surveying Methods 94I,J,O,P M. Best, V. Levson, D. McConnell
Energy Open File 2004-3 Resolve Survey 94I/15 Fugro Airborne Surveys
Energy Open File 2004-2 Terrain Evaluation for Aggregate Resources East of Highway 97 94G,H Various
Energy Open File 2004-1 Quaternary Geology and Aggregate Potential of the Fort Nelson Airport Area 94H T. Johnsen, T. Ferbey, V.Levson
Energy Open File 2003-1 Quaternary Geology and Aggregate Mapping in NEBC: Applications for Oil and Gas Exploration and Development 94I,J,P V.Levson, T.Ferbey, B.Kerr, T.Johnsen, J.Bednarski, R.Smith, J.Blackwell, S.Jonnes