Sand, Gravel and Quarries

Sand and gravel pits, construction aggregate (rock) quarries and industrial mineral quarries are classified as mining activities and must have a permit issued by the Chief Permitting Officer under Section 10 of the Mines Act. A permit must be in place before any work in, on, or about a mine can occur.

Mine Plan Update Policy

The Mine Plan Update Policy was released in July 2022. This policy provides guidance on the information requirements for a Mine Plan Update. It also outlines what changes would trigger a permit amendment. This policy applies to regional mines that are authorized for mining activities for more than five years. It applies only to sand and gravel pits and construction aggregate (rock) quarries. It is not intended for reclamation activities, major mines or industrial mineral mines. Applicants should submit their Mine Plan Updates through MineSpace.

Mine Plan Update Policy (PDF, 351KB)

Mine Inspection Fee

You must file a return and pay a mine inspection fee annually for each pit or quarry you hold a Mines Act permit for at the end of the year. Notices are released in the summer after the previous activity year, with fees being due by January 31 of the following year.

For more information, please refer to information regarding Mine Inspection Fee with the Ministry of Finance, under the Mineral, Oil & Gas Revenue Branch.

Aggregates Documents

Example Documents for Applications