Bulk Samples

The Chief Permitting Officer considers a bulk sample to be an advanced exploration activity to:

  • Test the quality and marketability of dimension stone
  • Test recovery rates or processing methods from a pilot mill and/or
  • Characterize a deposit to inform resource models and mine plans

It is important for applicants to be aware that some bulk sample applications may have information requirements that will require specialized professional technical expertise.  The data collection, analysis and reporting information requirements for a bulk sample application may require considerable time, effort, and expense.  Each mining project has a unique set of variables which need to be considered.  The following project factors influence which path the application will take through its review:

  • Bulk sample size and type (e.g., Metal, Mineral, Coal, Industrial Mineral, Dimension Stone)
  • Surface vs. Underground Development
  • Metal Leaching/Acid Rock Drainage (ML/ARD) potential
  • Custom or pilot milling operations
  • Tailings Storage Facilities (TSF)
  • Geographic location of the mining project
  • Complexity of issues related to land use, Indigenous, public and environmental concerns in the project area

It is recommended that potential applicants contact the Regional Mines office to arrange for a pre-application meeting to review the scope of the project and to help identify which path is best suited to the application.