Annual reclamation reports

Last updated on August 1, 2023

Permittees are required to submit Annual Reclamation Reports in compliance with their Mines Act permits and the Health, Safety and Reclamation Code for Mines in British Columbia.

The intent of the annual reclamation report is to provide a summary of all activities conducted on the mine property over the previous year. Specifically, the report must outline the following:

  • Mine development, including surface disturbance, stripping, stockpiling, disposal and storage of all materials
  • Activities, research and monitoring results associated with the development and implementation of the environmental protection program
  • Activities, research and monitoring results associated with the development and implementation of the reclamation program

The annual reclamation report must also provide a projection of mining and reclamation activities planned for the next 5 years.

Report information is required to be in a specific format. Please review the Annual Reclamation Report Requirement (PDF, 999KB) prior to submitting your report. The format provided here is inclusive, so some components may not be relevant to all mine sites.

Submission of hardcover copies of the annual reclamation report are no longer required

Digital spatial data

Geospatial files are required to be submitted with all Annual Reclamation Reports for each mine.  Geospatial file and data standards streamline submission requirements.

Annual reclamation report tables

The following tables must also be completed, if applicable for the site (Cover Letter Summary Table and Table 1 are minimum requirements), and submitted with your annual reclamation report:

Reclamation liability cost estimates

A detailed estimate of the total expected costs of outstanding reclamation obligations for the mine, including all long-term costs for monitoring, maintenance, and water treatment (if required), must be included in the Annual Reclamation Report.  

If the detailed cost estimates are expected to be filed as a separate confidential report, please clearly specify in the report cover letter.  The total reclamation liability estimated for the site should still be provided in the cover letter summary table (Word, 14.3KB).