Reclamation and Closure for Regional Mines

Proponents are required to provide a description of planned reclamation activities with their Mines Act application, typically in the form of a Reclamation and Closure Plan.

The Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation (EMLI) has developed guidance for the preparation of a site-specific Reclamation and Closure Plan for regional mine projects in B.C. - placer, sand and gravel, industrial mineral quarries, and mineral and coal exploration.

The Regional Reclamation and Closure Plan Guidance Document (PDF, 1.1MB) is designed to provide:

  • Mining proponents with an understanding of the information required to develop a site-specific Reclamation and Closure Plan for Mines Act permit applications
  • Regulators with a consistent provincial framework for information requirements
  • An implementation strategy to ensure that Reclamation and Closure Plans are refined and improved for all phases of exploration and mine development

It is anticipated that guidance around Reclamation and Closure Plan development will result in an improved application and review process, by clearly demonstrating that the applicant has adequately considered reclamation activities as part of the overall mine plan. A thorough Reclamation and Closure Plan allows both the province and Indigenous nations to have confidence that the intended end land use will be achieved. This will help to reduce application review times, facilitate more effective Indigenous engagement, and reduce delays due to information requests that may otherwise have been needed to determine the reclamation liability and bond requirements.

Further information and inquiries regarding Regional Mine Reclamation Bonding should be directed to the appropriate EMLI Regional Office.

Regional Reclamation Bond Calculation

The Regional Reclamation Bond Calculator (XLSX, 95KB) and the associated Regional Reclamation Bond Calculator Guidance Document (PDF, 1.8MB) have been developed to:

  • Provide EMLI with a fair and consistent means of assessing reclamation liability for regional mines
  • Avoid financial risk and liability to the public/government by ensuring the assessed security represents the cost of mine reclamation to the Province
  • Encourage dialogue between proponent and EMLI, with the aim of limiting unnecessary disturbance and prompting progressive reclamation
  • Promote transparency in bonding levels and methodology to Indigenous nations and the public

Mining companies applying for authorization under the Mines Act are encouraged to review these tools to become familiar with the various elements required for reclamation. Providing detailed information on the proposed mining and progressive reclamation activities will assist EMLI’s determination of the appropriate bond amount in accordance with the Reclamation Bond Calculator Policy (PDF, 575KB) .