Health of Young Stands Symposium

The Challenge. The Science. The Future.

A Virtual Symposium: November 2020

Changing climate, drought, insects and disease are all examples of the complex threats facing regenerating forests in British Columbia. There are more young stands on the land base than ever before. BC invests millions annually in regeneration. Now it is time to protect that investment by ensuring the health of BC’s future forests.”

View the agenda, presentation abstracts and presenter biographies: Agenda_and_Abstracts.PDF.

Symposium Proceedings

The goal of this symposium was for forest managers, scientists and practitioners to share the most current science and field expertise on the health of young stands, discuss potential implications for policy and decision makers, and identify the roadmap to healthy and productive future forests. Collectively, we need to ensure BC’s future forests are resilient and fulfill the resource values identified by British Columbians.